Friday, August 30, 2013

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"God's purpose for our repeated failures is not just to break us to humble us before others and ourselves, but to make a hole enough to enter in to us so that we can have God in us and God can have us in Him to a greater degree each time we fail and fall. God gets most glorified in us, not when we do great things for Him, but it is when we are mingled enough with God in our Christian living that in seeing simple things we do that people should come to realize our humanity and His Divinity working together as one. It is in mingling with God in partnership of deep intimacy that He gets most glorified in us." — Abraham Israel

"Worry is a endless pursuit of our own striving to solve the imaginary problems that we might never face, it is a total waste of time because it keeps you busy for achieving nothing positive except stealing everything that is positively joyful to experience. The solution to solve this tide of worry that wastes our time and tries to drown us in its waves, is to decide not to worry by placing our fears, wants and regrets in the hands of God who is always ready to receive it and replace within us with His peace which is an assurance that our problems will be solved by Him no matter what!" — Abraham Israel

"God rested on the seventh day not because He wanted rest from His hard work, but because He wanted to intimately fellowship with the humans He has created in His own image. The real Sabbath which we enter in to our New Covenant times are not something we do for God, but it is something God has uniquely done for us already in Christ Jesus and have finished spiritually for us to enjoy. So remember to enjoy your relationship with God in Christ Jesus on this Sabbath day and by faith let it continue in to the rest of the week." — Abraham Israel

"The attitude of Jesus was ruled by true humility, though He was the Creator of the whole universe, yet He humbled Himself not only to become a man, but also became a slave of God to serve all humans like us and to die to redeem us from our sins. Jesus never ever thought less of Himself because He knew that He was the Son of God, but He always thought of Himself less to stay humble before God and men. May our attitude be also the same as that of Jesus Christ, to know that we are the sons and daughters of God and be grounded enough in this identity, yet think of ourselves less to stay humble and receive more and more grace from our Daddy God!." — Abraham Israel

"God's love frees us from the cage of fear and sets us free and causes us to fly like a bird within our heart. While the love of man always has some hidden motive of selfishness behind it, God's love has no motive but our wellness as the reason for its operation is us. Let us learn to love others unconditionally like God and thus be never disappointed in our lives as we will have a heart as light as a bird, full of joy and singing melodious songs from our heart through our mouth towards God because of the reward that is awaiting for us in heaven which will stay with us for the rest of our eternity because of walking in God's love. Truly God's love satisfies deep within and assures us of a eternal reward for using it!" — Abraham Israel

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