Sunday, April 14, 2013

Apostolic Quotes

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"When we work as a team and are united in purpose, we will be overcomers in our pursuit and victorious in the end." — Abraham Israel

"We are only as spiritually strong as the depth and width of love relationship we have developed over a period of time with Jesus Christ, through which we become rooted with Christ our Lord and Savior in the Love of God for spiritual strength to face storms of all kind and be victorious in the end." — Abraham Israel

"The solution to all our problems comes not in scrutinizing it with our so called wise brain to solve it and then keep worrying when it doesn't go well as we think, but it comes when we choose to submit it to God in prayer anywhere and everywhere. The time it takes to find a solution to each of our problems is exactly equal to the time it takes for us to go to God and submit all of it for Him to solve in His own time. God has a solution for every problems we face and has not failed even once for all those who have submitted all of their problems to Him and have waited for Him to fulfill the solutions supernaturally in His time." — Abraham Israel

"The world has not yet fully seen a man who is fully surrendered to the will of Lord and what great things He can do through his life except Jesus whom God has enthroned at His right hand to be the sovereign ruler over the whole world. You never know what a absolute surrender to the will of God can do to your life and through you life until you do it in actuality!" — Abraham Israel

"Smiling is the best way to de-stress someone who is in distress, laughing out loud is the best way to relax your own nerves. Never forget to do both the above and you will always enjoy life." — Abraham Israel

"Those who believe in the healing power of the Lord, will without fail receive the goodness of God manifested physically in their lives because God is always not moved by our cry or desperation for just an answer, but He is seeing whether we have faith in spite of our grim circumstances that makes us fear, worry and talk unbelief. When you boldly speak the word of faith and confess, "By His stripes I am healed," you miracle will soon come to pass because our God who see your faith will move on your behalf and bring healing and health to all areas of your life. You live by faith or you die by fear. You have nothing to lose by faith, but you have nothing to gain by fear. You life will receive healing and health supernaturally from God only when you believe God's provision of Jesus' stripes which has been achieved for you. Only believe!" — Abraham Israel

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