Thursday, November 28, 2019

Apostolic Quotes

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"Trinity is not just a theory to explain and defend, rather it is a demonstration of the living and a loving reality of God who transcends the limitations of human mind to touch the limitless reality of the heart which can only be able to understand eternity in its entirety more and more as we become conformed to the likeness of His nature. Adamic nature cannot comprehend God because it is independent and not interdependent by choice, God chooses to reveal Himself to His children because they have the capacity to understand Him as they were recreated by Him in His will in His likeness being conformed to it more and more each passing day. The paradox of triune being begins with the basis of the uncreated, self-sustaining and eternally existent one who is without need trying to explain himself to those created, dependent and those who are in constant need of His help. Trinity cannot be fully explained to our mind, but it can be experienced more and more with our heart as our spiritual capacity to understand the infinite increases! Hallelujah!" — Abraham Israel

"Religion insists you to do to get saved, God insists that because you have been saved, you do what He says to serve and worship Him all the days of your life forever." — Abraham Israel

"Religion is man made, relationship with God through Jesus Christ is heaven sent. Religion demands, while relationship with God is provided. Religion says do, God says done. Religion says when you do, you get saved at the end after your death, God says because I have saved you, you follow me and serve me and worship me as I am worthy of your devotion and reverence and respect. Religion says works done for God saves you, God says you can only work for me legally when you get saved. Religion demands a price to be paid for great saintly spirituality, God releases a desire to sacrifice within a saved saint and helps Him fulfill it. Religion demands blind submission through law and promises reward for obedience, God liberates a man from law and promises grace to walk in the law and rewards belief with both temporal and eternal reward. Religion demands self-effort to please God, relationship with God through Jesus Christ expects only faith to please God. Religion makes a good slave of the law, God makes willing sons to inherit his eternal life through belief and help them keep the law through His grace and inherit the eternal reward that He has in store for them all. Do you believe or do you work your way to God? When you work, the wages of sin of failing God is death. When you only believe, salvation is given as a free gift from God and rewards for working out your salvation will end up in works that fetches for you both temporal and eternal reward. Hallelujah!" — Abraham Israel

"It is better to speak the truth on time, than to speak it ineffectively out of time." — Abraham Israel

"We may only see four pillars at every corner supporting any room of our house to keep it standing intact, but there is a fifth pillar that we might have overlooked standing in the midst of our home, and it is the one and only God who could make a house to become the sweet home we enjoy day by day." — Abraham Israel

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