Sunday, May 14, 2017

Apostolic Quotes

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"Never ever try to change any other humans the way you want them to be, you cannot. Because they are not created in your image, but both men and women are created in God's image. So only the one who has created humans in His image, can change them again to become more in to His image. Learn to enjoy people the way they are, even though some times the way they are might be very irritating, just let them be what they are, let God do the changing and we do the loving." — Abraham Israel

"Every bondage you resist, will make you break free in to unlimited freedom of God's liberty in the Spirit which infuses new life." — Abraham Israel

"When joy ends, life ceases to excite us with the deeper meaning to it. That is why God instructs us to cultivate the joy which comes from heaven to be let loose in us at all times so that life never ceases to surprise us with the hidden meaning of goodness of God behind every thing that happens to us whether good or bad. God turns all things in to something good for us, if we learn to live joyfully all the time irrespective of our circumstances.Trust God and let go, and all will go well with you forever!" — Abraham Israel

"To be cheerfully joyful all the time, keeps us healthy. To be vigilant in prayer all the time, keeps us as overcomers by faith. To be gratefully thankful all the time, keeps us content and satisfied. In learning these things, we learn to live and master the art of living abundant life." — Abraham Israel

"Remembering of yesterday's failure, sucks out the joy and power of experiencing today's overcoming grace in our lives. So let go of yesterday, and let God today take control over you to give you a victorious overcoming life for His Glory." — Abraham Israel

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