Monday, May 26, 2014

Apostolic Quotes

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"Unless we start to trust that God is good even though life may not be fair for everyone in the same way, we cannot believe in the good things that God has promised to do for us. To trust the unchanging good character of God in the midst of changing circumstances in our lives will only give us all a good foundation to practice great faith that moves all mountains." — Abraham Israel

"The changing circumstances of our lives are a fact of life that usually makes people uncomfortable and fret, but those who are blessed in life will enjoy both the better and the worse days they go through because to them God remains the same and stands as near to them in their worse days as their better days. Those people who are blessed by God's Presence may not have everything they want, but they will have all they need as Jesus their Shepherd provides everything at the point of their need. Those blessed by God might some times have aches and pains, but those will be the times of Divine opportunity that they will use to give God the sacrifice of praise to remind themselves that they still have life to rejoice and are not dead who cannot praise God. Those blessed by God may not be perfect, but they will experience life in the perfection of God which is a gift from Him. God is waiting to shower you with the blessedness of being blessed, receive Jesus more and more in every area of your life, then easily life in its abundance of blessedness will be yours for the taking!" — Abraham Israel

"Though the righteous walk in darkness, the Lord will be a light to him. Believing in Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior is what makes you righteous before God, God is fully concerned about your belief first because if that falls in the right place He knows that your action will sooner or later will line up with what is right in His eyes, as His seed of truth starts to sprout out of your heart and starts to shine within it which naturally at other times in all humans is filled only with the darkness of this world. Right belief produces right actions and gladdens God's heart!" — Abraham Israel

"Have faith in God in the midst of all your battles of life, let go of yourself and let God prune you until you are proved that you are genuine, and then you will experience the result of God's goodness for the rest of your eternity for proving to be genuine through the trial of your faith. Faith tries you but then at God's appointed time it turns you in to a triumphant God's master piece of great price and glory at the end!" — Abraham Israel

"Love never competes with any gifts, but it does completes it with the authenticity that it is truly from God who satisfies completely." — Abraham Israel

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