Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Apostolic Quotes

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"If Christ Himself declared prophetically by Hope that he shall not die but live to declare the works of the Lord to keep Himself in the joy and peace of heaven to get resurrected on time, how much more by declaration of faith that increases our hope we as his disciples should declare that we will not die but live to the end that God has appointed to declare the wondrous works of the Lord in our lives for His Glory! Declare by faith, abound in hope, and live in in-pouring of His heavenly love and satisfaction by the Holy Spirit!" — Abraham Israel

"We try our best to keep our lives within the way we have planned it to do, but little do we realize that it is not in our hands to decide how we should live except the quality of life which we can choose, it has been planned by our loving God even before the foundation of the world. So we must let go of ourselves in to the hands of God, and let God control our lives in the way He has planned it to go, so that we might not see the twists and turns of this life like a scared child but rather like a adventurous child of God who learns more and more to enjoy every second of it knowing that whatever happens is in the hands of God and it cannot go out of His control as we comfortably enjoy the ride of our life with full of surprises from God. When we with full of joy accept God's plan for our lives, God enjoys giving us surprises that will thrill our heart and prepare it for a eternal intimacy with Him!" — Abraham Israel

"Jesus is the forerunner and captain of all those who face persecution in this world, because together the whole Jesus company belongs to the world to come but now lives in this world temporarily and victoriously as the ambassadors and spiritual fighters of the Kingdom of God which rules over the present world which is ruled by Satan and his demons the so called god of this world and his evil minions under him, and looking forward with hope and confidence to reign with Jesus in the world to come and live forever with Him in His eternal Kingdom." — Abraham Israel

"When we come to the place where we come to taste the lovingkindness of the Lord deeply, we lose our desire for the love of life but instead will start to crave for the life of God within Him that He gives to us and will start to praise Him for revealing Himself to us so unconditionally. Praise the Lord! For His Love endures forever...we shall never be more happy in this life and in the life to come than to be lost in the ocean of the love of God." — Abraham Israel

"There are those who think that God revolves around them for his pleasure like those who believed the lie that sun revolves around the earth as it surely seems, and there are those who think that they revolve around God like the earth revolves around the sun to keep themselves in the truth of the orbit God has set for their lives and one day receive the reward for living a life of purpose for the Glory of God and for having given pleasure to God through their life of faith which revolved around God, so the wise always believe the truth that God has told in His Word and will stand on it but the foolish will believe their feeling and will lose the purpose of their lives. Which way your life is going?" — Abraham Israel

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