Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Apostolic Quotes

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"Faith is hard fight against unbelief, the strength to fight is provided by God but the decision to stay in it is made by each individual fighter who wants to win. The fight might be hard and long, but the will to persist and fight will fill your spiritual appetite with such a marvelous taste and satisfaction that you will become addicted more and more to continue fighting until your physical death because of the blessedness of this faith-life. Truly faith doesn't makes things easy, but it makes things possible and eternally satisfying!" — Abraham Israel

"When you are yoked together with Jesus, you will experience rest in your souls because from that moment you are yoked with Him in the will of God, it is not you who carry the load but it is Jesus who carries your load. He willingly carries all your loads of troubles you face day to day and is never tired of carrying your load because He loves you!" — Abraham Israel

"Our cross which Jesus told us to carry is different from the Cross of Jesus. Whereas it was a literal Cross which Jesus carried, it also included the symbolic meaning of carrying the spiritual cross of doing the will of God too. But we carry the symbolic cross of doing the will of God by denying ourself. But the common thread that runs in both the life of Jesus and ours is that by carrying the cross we are saying no to our own soulish desires and yes to God's spiritual desires to be fulfilled in our lives. May God help us in this true spirituality of cross-carrying which makes us walk pleasing to the Lord!" — Abraham Israel

"Walking in the light of the Lord is easy when we have a fellowship of saints that encourages one another in the Lord. When saints are devoted in worship towards God and reflect the Light of the Lord to one another, surely it is easy to bring heaven on earth where the blood of Jesus will keep cleansing us automatically from all the impurities of sin and the negative attitude of influence from the world that tries to drown us all in discouragement. The more we see the end of the world coming, the more fellowship we need to not only grow in the Lord but to stay strong in the Lord. Come let us walk in the Light of the Lord!" — Abraham Israel

"All the ill talk of people about us should not make us reactive towards them. If we are filled with the Love of God and walk by the law of Love, then we can choose to bless those who even curse us. Don't think that it is too hard to do this, it is impossible if we try to do this by our own strength, but when God through the Holy Spirit starts to pour out His Love in to our hearts as we ask Him to fill us, it is easy each time we take a decision against some one by being active in the Love of God not being reactive against them, thus blessing them and not cursing them back and acting meanly. Blessing someone who is cursing us is a good choice that we can take easily when we know that it is by God's strength only we are fulfilling this command, such good choice will definitely honor and glorify God through our lives. When we bless someone who is unkind towards us and curse us, we are not only positioning ourselves in the center of God's blessing in our lives but we are also positioning the unkind person who has cursed us in the midst of God's mercy and grace that will begin to transform their lives. When we do not fight back or take vengeance against people who act mean and are unkind towards us, we are letting God take perfect control of the situation and are letting Him do what seems the best for both us , and the other unkind curser, who is acting mean against us. If we start to react and fight against people, God will choose to sit back and not fight for us. But if we choose to bless people who curse us and let God fight for us, He will not only transform people who are willing to change but also will fight to victory against people who want to continue be mean against us. Let God and be blessed forever!" — Abraham Israel

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