Monday, April 1, 2013

Apostolic Quotes

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"God has not falsely promised a bed of roses for all His children, but instead He has spoken the reality of the challenge to be a disciple for whom the journey to experience His abundant life of heaven on earth might be long and hard because of walking within the will of God by carrying their cross of doing God's will and by denying their self will. In the midst of such a tiring ordeal God has challenged the faith walkers who are His disciples to cheer themselves up because He has clearly told that it will all be worth every ounce of energy we worked hard and spent to finish the race of faith we have run. Never give up in your faith journey by being discouraged by the onslaught of demonic works, presence of negative discouraging people and tough circumstances, instead never give up because when your fear of falling goes away each time, you will end up realizing that all through the time, the long arms of our Lord and Savior was that which was holding you and not your hard works of any kind. Each time you feel the grace of God at the end of your journey each day, you will be more excited to face the next day because of the taste of heavenly grace that is awaiting you. Remember, you will never be tempted beyond your ability to face it by the grace of God that is available." — Abraham Israel

"We may always try to put our best face forward before others, but God knows all about us and the reality of who we are on the inside. He sees the heart of ours and rewards all of us according to the motives of it. So may we always keep our heart clean before God so that who we are on the inside is who we really will be on the outside too. It is good to maintain our facebook for others, but God wants us to maintain our heartbook for ourselves first. Heart scores above our face with God! Maintain your heart on the inside and then naturally your outside also will be aglow with the supernatural light of heaven because of God's favor over your life." — Abraham Israel

"When you believe in Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, you initiate peace with God. When you give all your burdens to God, you will receive the peace of God. When you have the peace of God, then you will be the kind of person who can always live at peace with others. Hurt people will hurt others, but those find peace within themselves will be peaceful with others too." — Abraham Israel

"When we waste our young lives on our self, we have nothing to give to God when we are old. There is a excitement when we are young, and if we use that to pursue God and passionately follow Him, the more we get old the more we will be satisfied in our relationship with God that cannot be taken away from us. All the things of this world and the fleshly earthly relationship will all pass away bit by bit as we grow older and older. And at that time we might not feel pleasant in our soul anymore because of the wasted life that cannot be gained forever. A life spent on God is the best gift we can give ourselves in our old age and for eternity. We will not have a single regret for having spent our life on God because we will be able to know deep within ourselves at that time that the eternal reward of God is waiting for us and a glorious future awaits us. A life spent on God is life well spent!" — Abraham Israel

"The easiest things to lose in life are material things and then people, who are alive today and are no more tomorrow. But God wants us to find happiness only in Him whose kingdom cannot be shaken, nor is there any shadow of turning. May our Happiness and joy be dependable on anything but God and God alone whose Spirit might bring His heaven in to our hearts and satisfy us eternally with Himself alone." — Abraham Israel

"If you were the only person who would be saved because of the death of Jesus, He would have still died as He had done. But if you were the only person to serve Him, will you do it alone even if nobody stays with you? It is not whether you read the Bible regularly and pray for an hour that brings joy to the heart of God even though those things are important by products of a good relationship with God, but when you love Jesus and keep His commandments with all your heart, that is when God's heart will be gladdened by what you have done. When we love the Lord Jesus who has been sent to save us from all sins, we are also automatically loving the Father God who has sent Him. All that Jesus had done is for you so that all you do can be for Him and Him alone. You were on the mind of Jesus when He actually died vicariously two thousand years ago, every drop of His blood was shed for you, every step, every humiliation, every strike, every whip, every mocking and every piercing nail He reminded Himself that it is all worth every second because God has promised Him that He will free you from sin and death which is its redemption price. Love of Jesus triumphed on the cross over sin and death, because of Him there is a glorious future awaiting for you in the world to come. He is still thinking about you, will you allow Him to be the dominant thinking in your mind when you consider doing anything in life? Will you consult Him for every step so that it might please Him who died for you. Will you wait for Him even when you hear no answer to your prayers and no solution to your problems? May you live for the Glory of Jesus and nothing else might ever attract you more than the love of Jesus." — Abraham Israel

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