Monday, December 10, 2018

Apostolic Quotes

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"Every idol of the heart can become more dangerous to our spiritual life than the physical idol that people worship because the idol of the heart are subtle enough to deceive us to think that we are right in every area of our lives even when we are wrong with God in certain areas of our lives which God is primarily concerned about. Until we allow God to break the idols of our heart, we cannot become spiritual enough to be a true eternal blessing to others around us. God breaks us to make us better and therefore we should never lose heart and allow ourselves to become bitter for what we go through in our lives. When we sow with tears during the days God breaks us, we shall reap with joy in the days of harvest when God uses us to bless the world around us. Hallelujah!" — Abraham Israel

"Because God knows the end from the beginning, He is able to allow wounds that becomes a blessing, He allows a wreck that become a wealth, He allows a destruction that becomes a instruction for change, He allows a sorrow that becomes a gladness for life, He allows a wrong to become a right, He allows a curse that becomes a blessing ultimately, He allows a earthly rejection that becomes a heavenly embrace of greater friendship with God, He allows a purposeless happening becoming a pathway to fulfill God's purpose for eternity ahead. So it is unwise and unbelief to blame God for what can become a blessing to us if we believe Him through it all. God is the greatest designer of realigning and redesigning broken things, the good news is, he makes all things old to not only become new, but even better than the new He makes us become the best we ought to be. If you believe the new creation of Christ within you and use it to influence your life daily by walking according to God's instruction for your life, it makes you eternally refreshed enough to forget the old sorrow and crying, and remember the goodness of God in the land of the living to cause eternal thankfulness and praise to the Glory of God! God causes wreckage of plans that can wreck us, only to replace it with his best plans of His for our lives individually. Let go and let God!" — Abraham Israel

"Believing God for a miracle is not a rocket science to learn and practice, but a child like trust in the faithfulness of our Heavenly Father is all we need to inculcate in us to make available the faith and belief that makes heaven to become available for all our needs and wants in Christ Jesus, who has given us all the legal rights to access it through the shedding of His sinless blood to justify us and give us all a right standing before God and his angels in heaven for the Glory of God! Most assuredly I say to you, even a mustard seed size of faith in fullness when executed till the end is able to move the mountains of problems to be thrown in to the sea of oblivion for the Glory of God, and instead bring a new world of happenings and possibilities to be made available in reality through the grace of God! It is one thing to say believe, believe,... but it is totally another thing to believe and see great things in reality happening before our very eyes because of our belief. Never forget saints, the Word of God works powerfully only in those who believe! Hallelujah! Glory to God." — Abraham Israel

"Faith keep us positive because a living faith has no time to look to the past to regret, it believes God for a prosperous present and makes it to become a positive present gifted back to God through praise and thankfulness, and above all it looks to the future for satisfaction and contentment now because the future will be more glorious than the past or the present which God has promised to work out to give us as a gift of grace. God is much more concerned about our future and that is why He tells us not to waste our time thinking on earth about the past which we cannot change and forget it by giving it all to Him to work out for our good. He then tells us to utilize the present as a gift to receive and use it to rejoice, give praise and be thankful perpetually as this will release the power to change our future out of us. And then finally look to bigness of God and look for a future as big as Him because our future is only as big as the God whom we believe, who sees it apart from the past or the present but through the bigness of our future. Change what you can in the present, forget all about the past and be inspired to live looking to the great future God has in store for you! Positive thinking is not something that we produce to keep our self inspired, but it is the product of the faith practiced on day to day basis to give glory to God for what we shall become! Praise the Lord!" — Abraham Israel

"A worldwide Tribulation which is unprecedented is on the verge to be let loose in our generation as the signs of the times with the sound of a trumpet about the starting of the war in heavenlies to dislodge the old world for a new world system has been started, as the sound of it can be clearly heard as it is being blown by Jesus with the birth pangs of Tribulation starting up through famines, earthquakes in various places, famines causing wild fire, pestilence and diseases increasing with resistance to antibiotics or curing drugs, Tsunami's that redraws the boundaries of nations, wars and rumors of wars happening round the clock leading towards world war three, the wild world in forest invading human habitats, birds dying and becoming totally extinct because of invisible electro magnetic radiation that is let loose and is increasing in our 4G and 5G world day by day, rivers getting more polluted because of lack of proper recycling and carelessness in disposal of harmful effluents which then is affecting whole seas and oceans with toxicity, climatic changes that could become topsy-turvy to spread more disasters of nature, terrorism, hate and violence ..etc....unprecedented storms of apocalyptic proportion that uproots coconut trees and thrown it out like a twig in the air, flooding of whole cities around the world with dense population because of continuous and unseasonable and unexpected rainfall, falling away from true faith by being deceived by false prophets who come in Jesus Christ's name but not following his spiritual footsteps, loveless increasing because of break of family institution and bonding, the gospel is being preached by faithful men and women of God in the midst of all hate and opposition to where are we heading towards as humanity? Without doubt even if we turn for a moment to the Bible, we will without fail find the exhortation of Jesus saying again and again to the saints that during the time they see these above things happening, they should look up to heaven and learn to continually watch and pray to avoid this never seen before Tribulation that will come suddenly on earth after the Rapture of the Church of Jesus Christ. So what are we waiting for, unless we learn to obey the words of Jesus, we have no part in the this greatest event of all history, THE RAPTURE OF THE CHURCH! Beware of being distracted by small things that make you miss the main thing of the eternal showdown that is going to happen between heaven and earth. Again I say, WATCH and PRAY! Remember, we are not the sons of darkness, but rather sons of light who know how we ought to be awake at the time when the Bridegroom our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus Christ comes to take away His Bride the Church for the Glory of God." — Abraham Israel

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