Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Apostolic Quotes

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"While Science confirms, the Bible transforms preparing humans for the best of the best world to come whose author and finisher is God Himself. No other foundation can humans lay, except that which God has already laid in Jesus Christ for all humans to inherit eternal life of friendship with Him. When God builds a city and a world for his friends and children in humankind, he never sells it like a real estate developer, but rather he gifts it all because all belongs to Him and He is in no dearth of anything and everything. The King of the Universe owns everything, and He is never in need as He lives in eternity!" — Abraham Israel

"God does not operate by the worldly timeline and its way of thinking, God's ways are as higher as the heavens are high above the earth. And above all He operates in the eternal timeline and the Kingdom way of thinking which looks to the future and decides for the present. God works for His pleasure and His leisure as He is perfect and Holy in all His ways, so for those who work for God are blessed in this earth and for those of whom who let God work for them are still more blessed for eternity because they realize 'not I but the grace of God' through which the Kingdom operates!" — Abraham Israel

"When we wait for God, God waits for us to show His infinite mercies and immeasurable grace in His time. Waiting time is never wasted time when God is involved in it. It is better to wait for God's time, than to waste time without Him." — Abraham Israel

"When we love God, we will love the people whom God loves just like He loves us personally and individually. People want to conquer the world with power, but Jesus has proved for the past two millenniums that the power of love is greater than the lust for powers which ends with this world! Love thrives forever and ever because God is love." — Abraham Israel

"An idolized mind is devil's workshop. What do I mean by that? Anything or anyone we love more than God becomes an idol that replaces Him in our life. Most of our idols we worship may not be a man made image, but someone we lust for or something we covet for more than God becomes the idol that replaces the space reserved for God in our heart by Him. God deserves our highest love that should not be comparatively closer to anyone or anything in this life, because He has created us for His Glory and sustains us for this purpose. It is better to wear out for God than to get rust out by the passing pleasures of this world, because all that we lose in our life for Him now comes back to us pressed down, shaken together and overflowing back to us for now and forever more. Never mess out with the love for God, and miss out the love of God. You can never miss God's best for your heart, when you choose not to neglect the best of your heart for God!" — Abraham Israel

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