Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"God is in the business of making and molding us in life. God is never tired of reworking us again and again in to the shape which He wants us to be, to achieve this He uses people, circumstances, needs, troubles, failures and even our enemies to work and rework in to the shape He wants us to be. Never resist or hate people or circumstances that you go through in life, it is not at all by chance that you are facing things differently from others, it is because God has appointed each and every person, circumstances, etc by His own sovereign predetermined plan to make you what He wants you to be. When we understand this truth, it is easy to give in to hard times, praising and thanking the concern of the sovereign God over our lives rather than resisting and grumbling about the things we cannot change. Every person who is wise will choose to embrace the things that they cannot change and allow it to bring supernatural change in them which they cannot bring it themselves by their own effort even in their wildest dreams for their own good. Remember, everything thing that God allows in our lives which we cannot change will change us for our good if we allow it by positively facing it rather than resisting it in our lives. Don't resist change, instead embrace it courageously and you will feel the change in yourself and will know that it has all happened for your good." — Abraham Israel

"If God has not sustained us with His breath in our nostrils for this one more day, we would have been dead by now and would not be able to thank or praise God for a new beginning in this beautiful morning time. The dead do not praise or thank God, this is why the Psalmist rejoicingly sang saying, 'Let everything that has breath praise the Lord, "Praise the Lord!" (Psa 150:6).' If you are reading this today, you have a good choice to praise the Lord and thank him for one of the greatest gift in life which is the gift of life that He has given it to you. Come let us together Praise Him and Thank Him for keeping us alive and well for one more day. Praise the Lord!!! Thank you Jesus...." — Abraham Israel

"It is not just hard but impossible to find ourselves and our purpose in life outside of God because there is none outside of Him, as we humans are all not made for ourselves but for God. In a short gist, we are made by God and made for God. Unless we let this truth sink in to us, it is hard to find the true meaning of life. What is the use of a wheel outside of transportation, what is the use of knowledge without being used wisely, what is use of fruits except for man to eat, then what is the use of humans without being used for God for whom we are made to give pleasure? Man inside God's purpose has a purpose in life, the same man outside of God's purpose has no purpose at all. While we mostly just see and concentrate on our day today existence, God concentrates to bring His eternal purpose for us in to our lives and make it in to a meaningful and purposeful existence for His glory. We do not exist just to exist, but we do exist to make difference in this life through living within the heart desire of God's purposeful existence." — Abraham Israel

"Whether we trust our future to God or not, it is totally in the realm of unknown mystery. The future is a mystery to all humans. But the difference we can make in this world when we trust our future to our know God Jesus Christ is that we will face the future with confidence of succeeding in it while others will face it worrying what will happens to them and theirs in life. When we face the tomorrow's with God as our strength, we will face actually less troubles than worriers face with their imaginary ones. We will also know that troubles will be used by God to increase our faith and the likeness of Christ in us, so troubles will not be able to deter us from facing it and overcoming it for the glory of God. We will have joy in facing our troubles because of the inner conviction that all the troubles we are facing is worked behind the scene by our know God who is working it out continually for our eternal good. We will never face any problems without the knowledge that we are not alone but God is working with us to make us succeed in our endeavor, if we have trusted our unknown future to our know God. May God continually help us to trust our future to Him who has known us before we ever knew Him." — Abraham Israel

"Many people are asking others and searching hard to find what is God's will for their lives, but little do their realize that if they are thankful to God in all their circumstances of life, God has promised to lead them step by step with His very own eyes in to the destiny that He has for their lives. It is more important to be thankful to know that we are in the will of God than search for the will of God as though God is reluctant to reveal His will for our lives. God loves to reveal His will to all His children equally and shows no partiality in this. But the attitude of gratitude that practices faith is the key that will open God's heart more and more to our mind. When we have no gratitude, then it shows we have an attitude of pride which God hates so much. When we are grateful to God by cultivating a thankful heart of gratitude, that is one ultimate will of God for our lives that will makes us walk in all the other specific will of God in all other areas of our lives. God loves to work for those who are thankful for what He has already done for them and also he loves to work for those who are thankful for what He is doing and going to do through their lives. God blesses more and more a thankful heart because that is the one attitude that shows its gratitude for what God has done, is doing and is going to do for His glory. Thankfulness fuels God to move on your behalf again and again. BE THANKFUL IN ALL CIRCUMSTANCES AND YOU WILL KNOW THAT YOU WILL KNOW THAT YOU ARE IN THE WILL OF GOD FOR YOUR LIFE." — Abraham Israel

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