Thursday, March 7, 2019

Apostolic Quotes

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"Repentance is a gift from God, but it gets received only by those who start to wrap open themselves to God and let God activate His way of thinking in them." — Abraham Israel

"Heaven rejoices along with you only when God is involved in the u-turn you make and graces you by your belief that get stronger than your unbelief, which is technically what is called as repentance. You approach God with what you are, then God approaches you with a breakthrough in your thinking which makes you what He wants you to be. GLORY TO GOD!" — Abraham Israel

"Positive thinking is not just a religious cliche for Christians to bring a feel good factor among us, it is a calling to see things now as God sees through to the good end of His plan for us which is the truth that supersedes the fact. God fulfills the truth because it is His promise, while the fact may change for truth to prevail at the end. Hold on to God's precious promises in faith till God shows to you that He is holding you in His promises. Faith in God is always positive as God's thinking towards us is always positive and never negative! God has planned the best for us, God hopes the best for us and God loves to see the best out of us in all things for His Glory in order to fulfill His fore-ordained best promised purpose and plan for us. When you are positive, thinking whatever is true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent and worthy of praise all the time, it will be easy for God to sustain and create more faith in you, until you become a Father of faith like Abraham did, and thus become a close and intimate friend of God! The only worthy life is to live a life of worth for God who gave it to us. You can never please God until God is able see that you believe He is and He is a rewarder of your belief that pleases Him all the time! Positive belief, creates positive outlook. Positive outlook creates a positive life. Positive life creates positive people around us. Positive people create heaven on earth because heaven cannot exist without God who is, and was and is to come! God is at loose when you let loose your positivism for the Glory of God!" — Abraham Israel

"The most complex machine in which every twist and turn can be attributed to nothing but a miracle is our human body. Still to date, no machine in the whole world can boast of better and most efficient complex operation made so simple by its Creator to be used by the operator and resident of the human body which is us humans. God created this not to flaunt how genius He is, but rather how important He considers the body of humans in which He has planned to live for eternity. Humans are not made for themselves, but for God who comes in to it as a gentleman to reside when we invite Him through His appointed way of believing in the Lord Jesus Christ. God became human in Christ Jesus, to show to us how we humans can become the son of God by inviting Him to live in our heart by repenting of our sins. Look to God and He is eager to look in to your life, because He is our Father and wants us to understand that everyday of our lives on earth are a living proof of His existence and His love for us, though it takes time for us to fully understand and be thankful for it. Never stop thanking God even when you do not know why, because each new day is full of His mercies and grace, that is why we still carry on without being consumed for our inadequacies, weaknesses and sins of rebellion against Him! Hallelujah! God loves us to death and beyond, that is why He died and rose again for us in Christ Jesus so that we may live for Him who has died for us. Remember, Jesus Christ died not just because of injustice and powerlessness to defend Himself in the will of God, but for us whose sin nature and sin killed Him who is sinless, so that the sinful us might be endowed with the sinless nature of God and His righteousness for eternity ahead!" — Abraham Israel

"Our unworthiness in ourselves, can only move us further in to the worthiness of us in Christ Jesus if we continue to hold ourselves in the Love of Jesus Christ through building our faith and praying in the Holy Spirit without giving up, so that the mercies of the Lord Jesus Christ can be revealed to us more and more towards eternal life of friendship with God. To know the love of God cannot inflate us with pride, it brings humility to know that God has chosen to love us and adopt us in to His family in spite of knowing that we were enemies of Him in our sinful fleshly nature, for which Jesus became our sacrifice for our sins before Him to give grace to us and at the same time fulfill His justice for us. Only through this unconditional love of God, He can continue to be both just God and the justifier of all those of ungodly like us who have faith in Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior. To the hopeless sinner, God gives the victorious faith of the saints. For the failing sinner who falls repeatedly, God gives hope of the saints. For the wounded and bleeding sinner, God speaks comfort through His love and bandages their wound through His unceasing love which heals them inside out morning by morning with His new mercies and grace to overcome sin, sickness and separation from God which is death itself. When you comfort others with love, give hope and build faith, you are reflecting the very nature of what you are in God be reflected to others which He has done to you freely out of His benevolence! To be a blessing to others around us is the greatest blessing we can inherit from our Father in Heaven who is the source of all blessing. Now that a million reasons of yours to God to not to love you, cannot change the mind of God, then those million reasons within your mind that says to you not to love others who might have hurt you or is different from the way you were in the past or even in the present ever change your mind not to love them because remember you have a supernatural love of God within you to unleash it towards others in the same intensity which God has shown to you." — Abraham Israel