Sunday, November 23, 2014

Apostolic Quotes

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"Our God and Father in heaven who is our Creator is the only one who understands all our shortcomings and yet have designed us in such a way to be effective in a certain area where others couldn't be like us. To think that we have no talent like someone else is like telling to God that He has created us with a lack, those kind of thinking are something that the devil gives to make you become ineffective and useless to fulfill God's purpose for your life. The Bible reveals that God has given one particular gift to each one of us. If only we could ask God and search to find what we have been made for instead of fretting and fuming about our situation in our lives over which we have no power to change, it will make us a effective Kingdom citizen of honor. Talents are given by God to serve one another, if we tune ourselves to find the talent we have and use it, we never know how it can multiply and bless many many people around us and the whole wide world for the Glory of God. Unused talent are something that the grave consumes if we all who die someday have not used it to live fully and then die empty. God is our potter and we are the clay work of His hands, He is the one who decides how our lives must be used. So accept who you are in God and what He has already given you, then pursue it with all your might, strength and passion to fulfill that which you are created for, you will be satisfied for eternity with God's blessings more and more." — Abraham Israel

"The fire of God from heaven is so much flammable that if only we could stir it up and keep fanning the flames in our lives by being filled by the Spirit of God more and more, the world around us could easily catch the fire of heaven for the Glory of God! If only we could continue to be God's fire carriers where ever we go, all those who come in to contact with us with catch the fire of heaven with the external evidence of speaking in tongues and will become burning fire for God through the prayer of the Spirit from within!" — Abraham Israel

"God does have a definite third day resurrection for each one of us in every area of our lives if we choose to willingly die by denying our self will and carry our own cross daily which is to suffer within the perfect will of God that He has designed for our individual lives to excel spiritually and bring glory to Him on earth. If we choose to follow the footsteps of Jesus and suffer in the will of God by being conformed to His death, we will partake in the glorious power of His resurrection and the fellowship of His sufferings so that we will live supernaturally on earth and will reign with Him in the heavenlies over all evil powers of this age that comes to fight against us at all times, and also we will start to cover those who come to us under the same supernatural umbrella that is over our life so that they might also receive the same protection and blessings of heaven freely from God through us. Thus unless we with our self will choose to fall in to the ground and die, we can never become a spiritual blessing to others." — Abraham Israel

"Sugar coated preaching of prosperity and giving to God to get more health, wealth and success in this earth towards the world is very injurious to one's soul, as it will completely bring a ill-health of love for money and earthly success which usually causes us to become blind towards God and all the spiritual success that God has prepared for us to become blessed for eternity and be a heavenly success towards God and His eternal purposes. If the Church stays focusing just on this sugar coated deceitful message of earthly prosperity which is nothing but a natural side-effect for a Christian and no real indication of true blessing which is actually spiritual blessings of heaven, and then completely starts to avoid focusing on eternal things of heaven which all Christians are commanded by the apostles to concentrate on, it is just going to produces more lovers of themselves, money and pleasure rather than lovers of God whom God wants to produce through His Church. Love of money will cause more stress in one's life and without fail will bring all kinds of evil, to stray away from true faith due to greediness, and thus will cause themselves to pierce through with many sorrows that will break their soul. Understand it is actually allowed by God as a end time test to separate the wheat to take it in to His store house of heaven in rapture and the chaff which will be left for burning of Great Tribulation of the end. God is up to something great for the real seekers of God, so get on with God before you miss the train and regret for it later and for eternity. Love God and hate the world system of thinking, because God will take you and reward you for your service of love, but the world will desert you for your love of prosperity with Great Tribulation which will come upon the whole wide world when God judges it sooner than you think! Believe me if you are not going in rapture to heaven by believing, then it is going to be rupture on earth because of unbelief." — Abraham Israel

"Whether we have everything or only something doesn't matter in life to have satisfaction as long as we are thankful to God for what we have and celebrate with joy for the life He gives to us each day as a gift. You enjoy the best of life when you are connected to God who alone knows how to satisfy a hungry heart with good things in this life." — Abraham Israel

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