Monday, January 26, 2015

Apostolic Quotes

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"God has already planned to answer you even before you start to pray, but He wants you to pray so that you will not be discouraged or lose faith because of worrying and staying in unbelief to lose your reward half way on the race of faith, but instead will have His supernatural peace that will guard your mind and help you be still without worrying until you reach the time of His miraculous answer come to you in His appointed time. God wants to desperately answer you more than you yourself want because of His love that will be proved through answered prayers which will make you joyful and help you grow in faith more and more for His Glory! Ask God in prayer for everything, do not worry about anything, then thank God that your joy will be full soon even if it is in the process of being filled to full. Then for the glory of God, you will have what you have asked God in prayer! " — Abraham Israel

"Faith is counting your chickens before it hatches, and then patiently wait in thanksgiving and sacrifice of praise to maintain your right temperature to incubate, and finally not waver at the promise of God by continuing to give glory to God and be strengthened in further faith until the chickens of God's blessings comes out alive and well out of it." — Abraham Israel

"As God has challenged us to believe what we do not see in the natural which is what faith is, when we do not see any change in our natural circumstances, we must understand spiritually to praise God that He is actually working the most in our internal lives which brings prosperous external lives for now and eternity ahead. Many miss God and stay unsatisfactorily in discontent spiritually because they by looking for the spectacular from God have missed the greatest and this most simple basic rule of faith that God operates in. While we see a temporal change in our circumstances, God wants to see a eternal blessing upon us through His strategic internal changes that will make a mark in this world for His Glory in our life time on earth as we will be in heaven." — Abraham Israel

"God is the greatest gentleman in the entire universe because he guides only when people provide space for Him to be that guide they want Him to be. He will never override anybody's free will unless they have completely submitted and committed to Him to take over in that particular area of their lives. If you are still confused why God has not taken over your life which you have previously submitted, just check who is in the driver seat now or see if you have taken over the steering wheel again in your own hand. God wants us to die to our self daily by denying our self, and therefore in allowing God to work through us receive the resurrection power of the higher world to drive us each day of our lives. Each morning at the start of our day, God wants us to hand Him over our steering wheel and rest within us to experience what a good driver He is when He is in the driving guide of our lives. Simply commit your ways to the Lord each moment, and your ways will be established!" — Abraham Israel

"To be still is to learn to wait for God to act and not work but choose to believe the promises of God to stay at rest in His Presence until God rises up like a morning sun out of the darkness and dawn which we have previously experienced by Divine appointment to lead us in His perfect light of life. For every one who chooses to stay at rest in His Presence that brings stillness in this workaholic world that never rests, we will be positioned by God under His mighty hand of favor for the rest of our lives that will make us be awed by what God will do for us by His power and wisdom that will overwhelms us every time God does something for us and will make others realize the awesome God who is working for us on our behalf. Praise the Lord!" — Abraham Israel

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