Friday, May 3, 2019

Apostolic Quotes

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"The first great promise from God to the Church is not just to believe in the Lord Jesus and get in to heaven, but rather it was about the revelation of the meaning of the name Jesus which means He will save His people from their sins. Now do you understand that it is not for getting in to heaven that we are saved? But rather we should ask ourselves, saved from what? Saved from sins, what are the sins we are fighting against? Is it pornography, masturbation, lying, covetousness, materialism, alcoholism, lust, jealousy, anger, wrath, etc...then this is what Jesus is speaking about. These are the giants that keep us from occupying the Canaan land of our soul, which can become a true promised Canaan when the Holy Spirit starts to work with us to defeat those demonic enemies and instead fill it with Himself to make it become a land flowing with milk and honey, the land of rest and refreshing. If we are saved by believing in the Lord Jesus Christ as our Savior, then it is high time to fight along with the Holy Spirit to gain access to the promised land of rest within us. Believe me, there is therefore a rest for the people of God, make sure that you enter in to it and enjoy it by faith for the rest of your eternity! Every inch you posses will be yours and your children's for the rest of your life and for eternity. Hallelujah!" — Abraham Israel

"A true disciple of Jesus Christ is a student who is honest enough to acknowledge his faults when convicted by truth, humble enough to learn the Character of Jesus by letting His will be done by losing one's own will, and finally holy enough to pursue the path of holiness and perfection in spite of one's inability to achieve it by his own strength which makes God to prove Himself through one's life that it is possible with Him." — Abraham Israel

"Failure on the standard of the world is neither fatal nor final with God working through it for your eternal good. God sees your future and works through the good and the bad to fit together in to His perfect will and purpose for your lives. It neither good nor bad to dwell on earthly failures for too long, because we never know that it might be the very foundation stone that God might be using to build our eternal success. All of our eternal success can be built on almost any earthly failures, but it will never fail to amaze us if we can understand God's purpose being fulfilled through it all for our eternal good which is going to last with us for eternity ahead. Earthly success are not always a guarantee for a eternal success with God, but eternal success with God will always be a earthly success too even though we may not understand it immediately because God unveils his truth more and more each day until one day we will come to understand how it is absolutely true. God works as much through our failures, as he works through our earthly success, in fact he works even more through our failures to achieve His eternal purpose for our life. That is why learn to be thankful to God for all things, praying always, rejoicing all the time even when you do not understand it all, because God perfectly understands where you are and it was his plan that is being fulfilled through your life even though you might not have understood it all now. But have faith, soon when He unfolds His answers, you will continue to rejoice and relax in eternal joy forever and ever. Amen!" — Abraham Israel

"In the world of democratic republic which was God's idea for the end time, we the people have the power to put leaders in position for our own security and prosperity, so vote responsibly now and fulfill the God given mandate in our generation before the rapture of the Church takes place. Do not vote in haste, and regret for it in leisure. Transparency, family and Biblical values, human rights and freedom, secular credentials and equality for all are something that we need to consider in a person before we vote for him to become the leader of our nation." — Abraham Israel

"God fulfills His purpose even when you have failed or not according to the world's way of thinking." — Abraham Israel

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