Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Apostolic Quotes

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"A man who starts to be so sensitive to God so as to carefully think only the thoughts that might please Him and shun the thoughts that He might hate, will be so blessed to be in harmony with God that he will not only please God so much, but also he will become one with God in his spirit, soul and body that will make God to think His thoughts through him. And he will become a mouth piece of the Divine being on earth. God cannot think through a heart that acts like a brick to Him but he can always think through a brain that is soft enough to let Him take control of the helm, and a mouth that will follow the heart and not the head to express things only that which the heart desires. " — Abraham Israel

"Being right is next only to believing what is right based on what God says as right. You can believe that you are right when you are altogether wrong because when you have believed something wrong as right, you must understand that you have stood alone in believing something without God in it. Only God can guide us by His voice that something is right in a particular situation and the same thing is wrong in another situation. When the first man Adam chose to eat the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil rather than the tree of life which symbolized being led by revelatory knowledge of God's Spirit rather than our humanistic limited experiential soulish knowledge, man since then have a blurred spiritual vision regarding which is right and which is wrong because of independency rather than dependency on God. All humans have forgotten since then that nothing can be right when God is not in it and everything can be right when God is in the choice we make. So choose to do the right things by believing what God's says as right through His word which the Spirit of God will quicken within you for each individual situation. You might end up wrong when you expect God to be on your side, instead you can always be right when you choose to be on God's side." — Abraham Israel

"All our prayers will not be answered immediately because only when we push ourselves to persevere in prayer until we receive our answers in God's timing or we ourselves become the answer to the need we face, our faith to believe for what we do not see will not be perfected to make us receive the reward of faith which is seeing what we have believed for. Someone said that it is unbelief to pray the second time for what we have already asked for, but if you tell it to Elijah the prophet who was as much human as we are yet singly challenged a whole nation to repent which was acting infidel towards God, he would have laughed at such unbiblical doctrines because he got God's answer only when he persevered to ask until God did what He had previously promised. God really wants to give you what He has already promised, but he always wants to know whether you are really serious enough to believe that God will never fail even if all your senses cries out the opposite!" — Abraham Israel

"When our life is full of Isolation and self fulfillment, we never enjoy the wellness of life because even illness becomes wellness only when I is replaced by we. There is always a divine health in unity, and it comes to us only when we shows the unconditional love of God which unifies us all in spite of all that separates us. Learn to love others who are different than you and yours, because that will show that you are truly acting in the unconditional love of God which unifies." — Abraham Israel

"Those who live in the past actually live in the unchangeable reality of yesterday which makes them worry and drain themselves of their strength but does not help them change, so just let go of your past with God's help or it will soon drown you in to nonexistence. Then there are those who live expecting something good to happen so much tomorrow that they fail to realize, to change their future they have to do what is possible now and that too proactively right. Let your dreams become a reality by doing something now towards its fulfillment even though it might be a small thing. Never forget that a big flood comes when small drops of rain keeps coming. Finally those who live now joyfully by their faith that God will take care of them moment by moment are those who really enjoy life and will be satisfied with who they are and what they have and who they will become because of it. Learn your lessons from yesterday, apply your wisdom now and prosper in your future without fail." — Abraham Israel

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