Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Apostolic Quotes

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"God fights to take away the pain of those who take pain to fight unbelief and keep the Word of God with faith in their heart. God has honored His Word even above His great and awesome name, that shows how much God values His Word and how we should as His children must educate ourselves with His Word and prosper as a result of it in all areas of our life and living." — Abraham Israel

"The shortest way to take a heavenly vacation is to choose to be joyful and happy for the very reason that Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior has done it all for us to be prosperous, happy, victorious and joyful all the days of our life now. Choose and feed on God's life and living now, and deny yourself the negativity of this world, sin and death to spirit, soul and body. The richest man who enjoys life is not based on his riches, but rather on who He has who could help him stand with head held high in all situations of life. Jesus is the one who is with us as Emmanuel always, ready to help us in all our need as we ask him for His help through our sincere and heart felt prayers." — Abraham Israel

"Don't play with sin as though you are playing with little doggy in your house, sin is dangerous, it is worse than all the disease in the world combined together and even greater in intensity to do damage to your soul and contaminate the spirit within. Say no to sin and forsake it by pleading the blood of Jesus against it when it invades your life, then you will have life of heaven always within you abundantly to experience heaven on earth, and also supply it to others around you. Sin thrills but kills you in the end! Beware of befriending sin. Sin may dance to your music tune of emotions that you play soulishly, but it watches when you are down and out, then stings you with a vengeance as wage for using it for yourself. Kill sin before it kills your abundant life that Jesus has given to you. Our father in Heaven hates sin, because it kills our relationship with Him, so must we hate it with our whole heart all the days of our life to be pleasing to the Father God in heaven and be in His favor all the days of our life on earth." — Abraham Israel

"Church is a hospital for sinners and not a beauty parlor for saints who separate themselves and call themselves holy, and have a 'holier than thou attitude'. By God's will, through the Sacrifice of the body of Jesus Christ, we have already been made holy in Him once and for all time by that one Sacrifice that Jesus did for us by sacrificing Himself for all our past, present and future sins. Further He has made us perfect forever positionally we who are being made holy day by day experientially through His work which He does within us, of which by faith we work on the outside. Because we have a perfect spirit man within us and are already holy within, we purify ourselves from all things and thoughts that contaminates our holy body and soul, perfecting holiness out of reverence, respect, passion and admiration for God's love mercy and grace which has been given as a gift for us to enjoy for eternity ahead in Christ Jesus. May we be holy as our God Almighty our Father in heaven is holy! Holiness is not an option for the children of God who are Christians, but a calling for us to fulfill our purpose for which Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior has called us to live in this world, and glorify Him representing the Kingdom of God which is the Kingdom that rules over the entire universe from heaven. Praise the Lord!" — Abraham Israel

"Life becomes beautiful, the moment we realize that it is a absolute gift from God that is given to us to be enjoyed, we bring nothing in to this world when we come and can take nothing out of it when we die except the memories of a lifetime experienced within the lifetime of memories on earth. Be thankful and content for what you have, and what you need will be provided by God who knows how to bless you with a beautiful life." — Abraham Israel

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