Saturday, January 6, 2018

#62 - Art of Living

Åґ☂ ◎ḟ ʟ☤√ḯη❡ #62:

"Do not continue to be angry even after the sun sets which is the ending of a Jewish day and a time for the beginning of a new day, if you continue to be angry for any reason in a new day you will be led to sin." (Eph 4:26, Abi's Translation).

To be angry is only a emotion that is released to show your displeasure to something that has happened before you. So is it a sin to be angry? No it is not a sin as long as we realize it to renew our mind by the Word of God as soon as possible. If anger is a sin, then God would not have given this emotion to us. Why should we then control anger? For example, take a knife, is it a good thing that God has given us, of course you will agree that we use it every day to make our tasty recipes for our family and friends in our home. But what will happen if we continue to take the knife and use it carelessly for everything and anything, you know the kind of damage it can do especially when it is sharp like a razor. Our words that are blurted out in anger without thinking of the consequence of damage it can cause is also like using a sharp razor knife carelessly, it can injure others and also ourselves. It can damage us and do us harm instead of good (Prov 12:18). So the question to consider ourselves constantly is not why should God give such a dangerous thing to us, but rather how are we are using what God has given us for our stewardship and blessing.

This is the reason Solomon the wisest king who ever lived said, "Be not hasty in your spirit or easily provoked to be angry: for anger rests in the bosom of fools." (Eccl 7:9). In other words, if we discipline ourselves constantly to use anger in a proper way by controlling it to be used unnecessarily, then we are doing a fine job for ourselves and our lives. We will not be fooling ourselves enough to be angry for each and every thing, and think that it is a good thing because it causes damage to us and others constantly when it is not properly used. So ask the Holy Spirit's help to control your spirit by submitting your spirit constantly to Him, so that by His help you will be empowered to know how to use your anger in the right way, place and time.

I have always never understood this above truth, until I hit rock bottom in my life when I started my early twenties. I believe there is anger that carries on in the gene itself, so those thing need to be tuned by us with the power of the Holy Spirit, or else the damage it can cause is enormous and detrimental to our spiritual health. What have I learned from the Holy Spirit back then, it is to come back to a normal state and let the anger go, and make sure that we bless the person with whom we have been angry with a pronouncement of blessing in our mind and then with our lips if we continue to be angry against others. Then anger will not be able to continue to stay within us and make our life negative and spiritually unhealthy. Those toxins will be released out of us, and then we will feel at peace with God and men. To carry anger for more than a day in to the next day will diminish the prospect of the new day, and has the ability to cause the spiritual cancer of unforgiveness. Unforgiveness is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die. Unforgiveness opens a door to Satan and all his demons, because when God lifts up his hand because of unforgiveness in our heart which no other person can know until it become a evil action of hate, prejudice and murder, all the evil activities of Satanic origin and curses that are carried on will be at loose and set loose by them in our lives until we get confused of life itself. Beware! When God takes His hand out over us, there is no security covering us as God cannot support wickedness, nor can he see them unnoticed without putting it to judgment in His time and place promptly. So control anger and live a peaceful and abundant life of spiritual vitality and blessing to others.

Much Blessings.....

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