Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Apostolic Quotes

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"God is the Sovereign Creator and he doesn't hand His Sovereignty over in to the hands of anyone at any time because they cannot understand it fully but can only question it with their puny little mind. In short, the Almighty God is Sovereign does mean that He does what He wants, where He wants, when He wants and the way He wants, no one has the mind big enough to question His wisdom and knowledge to understand Him. But such a great God humbly says, I am just and upright in all things, the God of justice without injustice and partiality to do whatever is right according to the intentions and work of every human. Praise the Lord we have just God who justifies us justly through our Lord Jesus Christ for eternity ahead!" — Abraham Israel

"More than all the earth quake, floods, plagues, famines, the waves of the seas roaring, natural disasters and the like which are God's megaphone that is calling us to repent and embrace the kingdom that cannot be shaken, each warning leading us heavenward is trying to teach all humans the instability of life on earth which needs a stable heavenly life to come as a hope to face these tough times of the very end.... but the one main sign we should note that must help us realize that we are in the very verge of the end of the world is the degeneration of the character of our fellow humans marked by godless materialism and religious fanaticism, where good is said to be evil and evil is said to be good. With all the degeneration of human character affected by a cold freezing wind of change that is blowing the world over which is causing love in the heart of humans to grow cold and get frozen, the hatred against truth because of the vacuum caused by the lack of love in one's heart is further leading people from being religious fanatic to extremist who are intolerant enough to hate all those who stand for truth. May we who realize the need for truth stay tuned to God to let the Spirit of Truth to rule us like never before and keep us heavenwards. Love the truth, though it hurts it will heal your wounds when you are down and out. Love for the truth will keep us safe in these days of deception, get tuned to the truth of God to buy it and not sell it." — Abraham Israel

"You will never understand what it means to say, all you need is Jesus till all you have is Jesus." — Abraham Israel

"There is a south Indian Tamil proverb that says, 'Even a cat may become a tiger.' Both of them belong to the same cat family, one is big and the other is small. When they are small both of them will look nearly similar, but as they grow you find one to be a dominant tiger and the other a shooed away pussy cat. So how we see ourselves and to whom we belong we believe will make a great difference in our lives. When we are small and born again in the Lord Jesus, all of us look the same. But as we believe that we are born of God and that we belong to God, we grow to be led by the Spirit of God to become the sons and daughters of God. All believers belong to the same species of the children of God, but how they see themselves in Christ Jesus will either one day make them be the dominant sons of God like tiger or the same shooed away cat in their immature level of the children of God. How do you see yourself today? It is important to see yourself in Christ Jesus as a tiger of God and live by that belief rather than evaluate yourself by your behavior, and understand how greatly God thinks of you and rejoices over you as you stay in that identity that bring Glory to Him for all that He has done for you freely. Remember therefore is anyone is in Christ Jesus by believing Him as his Lord and Savior, he is a new creation fit and ready to eat more of the Word of God and drink in the Spirit to grow to become a dominant tiger of God for His Glory! The way we see ourselves with dignity as the sons of God, will be the way the spirit world and other people will come to see us now and in the days to come. GLORY!" — Abraham Israel

"To be joyful is a choice to see positively the world around us and pick all that is good to think about, even though there might be a lot of negative things to look in to." — Abraham Israel

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