Saturday, August 16, 2014

Apostolic Quotes

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"All beginning will have an ending, but those which has a happy ending in life can only be found when what we have done, is done in partnership with God. Living out loud is possible because all our sins and weaknesses are covered by the blood of Jesus, of which we must constantly and consciously appropriate by faith, so that even if Satan comes and asks us mockingly how hypocrite we are to sin now and then and yet claim ourselves as saint, then we can boldly say that yes we have sinned but that the blood of Jesus has cleansed all our sins away. Satan will run away the moment he hears that from you as he had always been in the past. When we are in Christ Jesus we can choose to live without pretending because the fact of our lives are knocked off in to trash bin by the truth we believe, and our test we face becomes a testimony for Jesus automatically. We can love people without depending on the response of who we love, or how positively or negatively they respond to us, because we love others not based on who they are or what they have done to us, but rather what God has done for us by sacrificing Himself for our sins and thus forgiving all our past, present and future sins forever, even though we do not deserve the least of His unconditional Love that He has showered upon us. We can listen to people without defending about our own righteousness or hurts that are hurled against us because we as saints do stand with head held high not based on our own righteousness, but rather based on the righteousness of Christ Jesus who has become righteousness for us. We can choose to speak to people without offending them personally because we do not react to people's behavior but rather act by the impulse of the Holy Spirit who actually speaks through us who are in Jesus Christ, who constantly adds the salt of grace to our words and helps us express it with the unconditional Love of God beeping inside our heart. We can choose to end well each time we start something, because it is not we who carry ourselves to a happy ending in this life, but it is God who works in us, who always gives us a happy ending no matter what we face or who we deal with in our personal lives because we believe His Promises and live by faith in Him who works all things for our good and leads us to an expected happy eternal endings always. Praise the Lord!" — Abraham Israel

"True freedom comes not in finding an independent spirit to express oneself, but it comes when we give up our will in-dependence on God's will to be fulfilled through our lives. Finding God's will is the ultimate freedom of expression and letting it get fulfilled is the fulfillment of all true independence. True freedom comes at the cost of sacrifice, and that God has showed true freedom to us in sacrificing His only begotten Son for the forgiveness of our sins and making him a example for us to follow, so that we could experience true freedom and independence like him. Now through Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior, we learn to be meek, gentle and lowly in heart to embrace the will of God, and experience freedom and true independence from sin, sickness and death which is the abundant life that is promised by God to us who are His children!" — Abraham Israel

"Soul winning is not our ability to master it but it is God's ability working in us making us work out that which He works in, it is the fruit of the righteous heart received at the time of the salvation of our soul that has received His grace and mercies infinitely from the Lord that makes us compassionate and passionate enough to do the impossible by sharing our faith boldly before anyone and everyone who is lost. When we know how graciously God has saved us in our unworthiness, we want to do the same like the God who has adopted us in to His family and have been showing pity of a Father's heart towards us infinitely. A wise person is a saved person who wants to save others like his God who has saved him!" — Abraham Israel

"When you forgive others you are actually unwinding the web of wires that has bound you, and then you are opening the prison that you have put yourself in and have thrown out the key for the trespassers to trample it under their feet. How can you drink the poison of unforgiveness and expect the other person whom you are upset with to fall and die? Do not be foolish, you ask God's help by taking a decision to forgive the one who has offended you and let God pour out His forgiveness and love through you. After everything gets calm and peaceful again with bubbling healing and health in your heart, do not say I forgave that person, instead humbly say God helped me forgive that person so that your health and healing can continue without fail in your life. Do not take any credit for the forgiveness that originated in God and flowed to others through you, give all glory to God alone who alone deserves it, and you will spiritually prosper and please God greatly to reach higher and higher heights with God day by day." — Abraham Israel

"Jesus rules over all arenas of existence and there can be no dispute over it. But whether we have let Him rule over us willingly or have rejected Him matters at the end because those who find themselves at the end without Him will have to face the judgment from Him who is rightful ruler over all existence of life. To line up with Jesus really matter as it is life or death, joy or sadness, union or separation from God and our loved ones, eternal or temporal wellness and finally it is eternal pleasure of peace with God and peace of God or a temporal pleasure that sin, self and Satan gives with confusion and more confusion as a reward for joining and lining up with him and his deceitful schemes. Line up with Jesus before it is too late because once we die there is no way out to change up and then line up with Jesus. God has given every human a choice to line up with His will in Christ Jesus when they are alive, when one becomes dead the choice they have consciously taken in this life has been ordained by God to continue for eternity! Take a positive choice to receive Jesus as your Lord and Savior of your life before He becomes officially the judge to execute God's righteousness over you and the whole humanity!" — Abraham Israel

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