Tuesday, May 8, 2012

#59 - Art of Living

Åґ☂ ◎ḟ ʟ☤√ḯη❡ #59: "But exhort one another daily." (Heb.3:13).

When God gave me a vision to form a online community and ministry through facebook and internet, I was very apprehensive to do it because of the lack of response, visibility and support for it. Little did I realize that God's heart was after this generation that is going to spend much of their time online. Later I began to understand that it was God's perfect plan for my life to reach all the saints all over the world and encourage them daily through exhorting them with the word of God.

As a result of the guidance of God and His burden for this digital generation to be fed with His heavenly encouragement, this "Household of Faith World Outreach" online ministry was born. Intially after my Bible college studies which I did for two years, suddenly God gave me a computer. I have tried to acquire a computer right through the days I studied my Engineering itself, but I never had the opportunity, need or resource. I have learned that God gives all our need in His appointed time and place exactly. While I was about to finish my Bible college, God gave me a lot of revelations from the Word that I was not able to contain it within myself but began to take a pen and started to write it all in a diary.

Then when I asked God what to do after my Bible college, God reminded me to take all the papers that I have written in the Bible college along with all the revelations that He had already given me and told me to type it in digital files. As I did not know typing at that time it was a boredom to me to sit alone in my home and obey what God had told me to do. But the good thing that I did was, I obeyed Him as I had no other way to go. It was tough time for me, with hardly any money to support myself I began to obey what the Lord has told me. But each little step of obedience took me to a higher level day by day. Suddenly one day God in His plans gave me an internet connection, through it I got in touch with a certain friend who read my article which I sent and told me to put it in a blog site so that it can be a blessing to others who read it. Believe me, at that time I had no idea of how it can be a blessing to any person, but have through the past few years of my ministry online I have come to know that God can make every thing I write to be a blessing to many many people around the world. Our Heavenly Father has not failed to provide all my needs even once, as this ministry is a total faith ministry. Today as we are getting nearer and nearer to Jesus' return to rapture the saints and then rule the earth for a thousand years along with all the saints, there is a great need for the saints to encourage one another to stay in faith and also receive the unadultered word of God which is able to strengthen and comfort the souls of all those who read it with a seeking heart. I pray, all the apostolic saints and the family of faith online stay together to encourage one another and be continually blessed to be a blessing to many in the coming days, until our Lord Jesus returns to rapture the Church and even after that. Please pray for me and my family to be strengthened supernaturally, that I may carry on what the Lord has started and be faithful in His call until the end of my life. All the saints online are my friends for life and are in my heart as I pray for them all to be blessed and be a blessing to many!!

Much Blessings....

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