Friday, December 13, 2019

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"Knowing that we do not know everything and can come to know only something needed makes us deny pride and humbly walk with our God in love to get edified through God's mercy and grace. If someone boasts that they are spiritual and does not grasp this, they are not really spiritual enough to understand anything as they really ought to know, as they know nothing spiritual that comes within the purpose of God in His will. Nothing in life happens without a reason and for a season, the good reason for those who walk by faith is that everthing happens for their own good, as the God whom they love is a good God who allows everthing yet controls it all not to allow it to go beyond our capacity to face it all and thus receive eternal rewards for our overcoming victorious walk of faith on earth!" — Abraham Israel

"To serve kindness is to serve heaven's dish to earth dwellers, that is why we get filled more with joy, peace and satisfaction than the one who receives our gift to them freely. It is more blessed to give than to receive because heaven gives and earth receives always with out doubt. Every act of kindness we serve has been authenticated with the sign of God on it, that is why to realize it He gives us so much satisfaction within us when we show His kindness to strangers, so that we receive so much more than the one who receives our kindness as a free gift." — Abraham Israel

"Kindness always pays much more than we have ever invested in it."— Abraham Israel

"Only a Spirit directed man can catch hold of God's thoughts in his spirit to walk in His way, all others can only be able to walk thinking and feeling in their soul that they are walking in God's path when they are not." — Abraham Israel

"The thoughtful thoughts from our spirit, should rule over the independent thoughts of our soul. Because the spirit is directed by God, while the soul life is influenced by sinful fallen nature of our forefather Adam who opened the door in the garden of Eden to the evil One who influences it for his own end." — Abraham Israel

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