Saturday, July 25, 2015

Apostolic Quotes

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"It doesn't matter how many times we try and fall, all that matters in the end is whether we are still fearless, unintimidated and constantly looking to God for the supernatural deliverance with great faith, because our very faith is a clear sign that our spiritual enemies destruction is imminent from God. Look fear face to face by faith, it will die. But if you try to avoid fear by lack of faith, the spirit of fear will make you face fear to make your face fearful by its intimidation over you. Keep fighting by faith until God starts fighting for your faith to be established for His Glory!" — Abraham Israel

"We are made whole in life every time we give our whole heart to God, who takes it and transforms our holed heart whole again through His mighty Presence that dwells within us." — Abraham Israel

"Whenever we are threatened and intimidated by the enemy who wants to shut our mouth from speaking the Words of Life Eternal, in those moment we should remember that we are doing what God wants us to do and that Satan and his minions are not really fighting against us, but against the God who has anointed us to actually speak His Word through us to people whom He loves desperately to get them saved, delivered, healed and experience eternal life for His Glory. If we do not lose our faith but boldly keep speaking the Words of God, God will have enough space to work through us, and on behalf of us against the enemy who is coming against us. So we should never fear speaking the truth, that is why when we are broken and afraid God draws near through dreams and visions to strengthen our heart to stay in faith so that He will be able to fight and defeat the enemy who doesn't want to actually stand against Him directly and therefore attacks you who are His Child to discourage you to fear. Without our faith working with us, God cannot do much or will not do anything positive and powerful as it will never please Him. So defeat comes in the mind by destruction of our faith, before it actually every happens in reality. So stay in faith and stand against fear, God will take care of all the rest and will bring out the best out of each tough situations you face in life to bring great Glory to Himself through you and your life." — Abraham Israel

"The Lord tells us to rejoice constantly through our hard trials, very deceptive temptations and repeated failings because the moment we take our eyes of the goodness of the Lord and concentrate on how we are performing ourselves, our faith to know and understand deeply within us that the Lord is working on our behalf making us better and better even through our trials, temptations and failings suddenly dips deep in to a point of danger in unbelief where God's work on our behalf start to get affected because of it. The Lord works as long as we stand in faith, it is not about whether we experience victory or failure temporarily, it is never a setback to the Lord because the God who know our end from the day of our beginning knows how to eternally turn all the curses in to blessings suddenly, He knows how to turn the lost time to become gained time supernaturally, He knows how to turn the disfavor in to high favor of great success and He knows more than all to do the right thing at the right time to turn the tide of destruction upon our spiritual enemies who always wanted us to be destroyed. Hold on to your faith by focusing on God's promises that is more precious than Gold, rejoice in the Lord always to keep your faith up and keep God working on your behalf, and finally focus on the good end and not the temporal setbacks that the spiritual enemies have put ahead of you! You are God's one in all the billion champion, that is why God is working on behalf of you. Let go and let God to see what He can do through your life now to make a eternal difference!" — Abraham Israel

"No matter how powerful our charisma, spiritual gifts to empower people, talents to influence people, beauty, strength, world changing missions and visions are, we must never forget to remember that it is God who does the growing and all we did or do was the planting and efficient use of the seeds of greatness that God has already put within us all in various ways. So let Him who glories, let Him glory in the Lord to make God be pleased with you, and reward you for eternity ahead which is the real reward each of us must be working towards and looking forward in to eternity with great expectations! If we cannot see our future now by our eyes of faith through the Word of God, we must really check whether we are on the right way to our destiny or have we missed it somewhere. If we have really missed the right way to our destiny, it is never late to change our ways to be on track to our destiny by believing the Word of God and hold it with much patience in our heart for the God-seeds to sprout out and cause us to move forward than miss it altogether." — Abraham Israel

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