Thursday, November 29, 2012

Apostolic Quotes

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"When you are confused about somethings not knowing whether what you are going to do is God's will for you or not, just close your eyes and say to God a simple prayer, 'Lord guide me in to your exact will, close the door if it is not your will and open it if it is your will and lead me on in your everlasting way.' I promise you that before you realize, you will find that a supernatural peace that passes all your natural understanding will fill your heart and will lead you in to the perfect will of God just like the star that supernaturally reappeared to the wise men and led them to find the exact place where they wanted to go. God is looking towards you expecting whether you will consult Him in all your decision making, when you consult Him and honor Him first, all of heaven will be behind you to make you walk in His mercies and grace all the days of your life." — Abraham Israel

"In today's christian world of worshiping God, worship is centered on the feel good factor of the worshiper, where He worships as long as everything goes well during the worship and after worship in real life. Then worship is considered more of as assembling together to feel God's Presence and then lift our hands as a sign of surrender towards God, with some clapping, dancing and actions of praises and thanks as a part of feeling good and happy, this is not God's way of worship. To add to this, more stereotypes of the molded metallic way of worshiping God with a so called cool generation haircuts, disco lights, musical instruments, video and audio disc promotions and crass commercialization of worship has been done. This has bred a group of shallow worshipers within the Church who are ready to blame, crib and complain against the minister, church and even God, when nothing goes well with them. These worshipers tend to forget that the very idea of worship comes from the ancient image of sacrificing towards God and not getting things from God. True worship in spirit and in truth that the Father God seeks from heaven in the worshiper is that which praises God in spite of the pain, which not only gives thanks during the trial but also for the trials that comes their way and rejoices in it, which trusts the Lord when tempted knowing that He will make a way of escape during temptation or will give the strength to bear it and finally which loves the Lord when He seems so distant and far away. Such kind of true worship gives and gives in great sacrifice of praise and thanksgiving, will do good to fellow believer and share the blessings of God freely just like God sacrificed His everything with us sinners who were enemies to Him before we were saved through His only begotten Son Jesus. In such worship God is so pleased and desires sincerely for such worshipers to come more and more towards Him. Will you be that worshiper in our generation who will gladden the heart of our loving Father in Heaven? You decide, He wants living sacrifice and not a dead one." — Abraham Israel

"No one will encourage you when you are driven by passion to fulfill God's destiny for your life, when things go right, your team will be happy and joyful. Once something bad happens because of a small mistake that you have made for the collective good that has affected their lives as well as yours equally, then they will be ready to stone you to death. In such situations, always believe that God is with you to make you succeed even though all hope seems useless. The best encouragement that you can ever get in such tough do or die situations to succeed in your life is through encouraging yourself in the Lord. Those who encourage themselves in the Lord will not only succeed in their endeavor but also need no more greater encouragement than that." — Abraham Israel

"God has never failed to provide for everyone who has faith in His ability to provide for all their day to day needs, even if you have a slightest doubt about it, just open your window and look out to find how joyful birds travel out in the morning and comes back to their nest not only with their stomach full of food, but also with food for their little ones. You are much more precious and valuable than those little birds that the Father God feeds everyday, how much more He will provide for you personally because you have become His child by believing in the Lord Jesus. If you are in any type of need today, just trust our Heavenly Father believing His ability to provide for you, and at the right time He will provide supernaturally to you for His Glory!" — Abraham Israel

"Even if all those around you will leave you alone in times of crisis, you can still depend on God to stand beside you at the end, because He has promised to never leave you nor forsake you no matter what, and to make the fact that He is working for you and not against you be known to the whole world. I have seen Him consistently stand for me and fight against all who come against me, even though I had been unfaithful and disloyal to Him many times again and again. I believe His Love has no end and His mercy endures and continues to exist forever! It is not my ability to succeed in times of crisis but His faithfulness is that which holds me and helps me succeed in life. You are mine and I am Yours. O Lord fill me with Yourself!" — Abraham Israel

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